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miley_x_oliver's Journal

Miley/Oliver fans
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Miley/Oliver @ livejournal.com

About The Community

Hello! This is the first ever community dedicated to the Hannah Montana pairing of Miley/Oliver. Here you can show and share your support for the pairing any way you want! Post icons, banners, wall papers, drabbles, blends, pictures/photos, quizzes, songs/lyrics, videos, fan fictions, avatars, theories, predictions, poetry, essays, quotes, information, fan art/drawings, sites, links, and, well, anything pertaining to or including Miley/Oliver.


1. Please be considerate and use a cut when posting huge pictures, long fanfictions, or more than three icons.

2. All posts should be on topic and have some mention of Miley/Oliver, or at least Hannah Montana.

3. Please do not use netspeak. It just makes you look like an idiot and gives the rest of us a headache by trying to read it.

4. Have respect for ALL members. No drama please. Also, no foul language.

5. Please do not promote any other communties here. If you'd like to be an affiliate, please contact us at miley.oliver@gmail.com.

6. Have fun! Don't be shy... we're all here for the same thing - Miley/Oliver ;)


Want to be an affiliate? Let us know by emailing us at: miley.oliver@gmail.com!


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